Greece.. cash aid payments and a Christmas gift, from Monday 5 to 9 December, who deserves it


From Monday 5 to 9 December €131.6 million will be paid to 291,575 beneficiaries as part of payments to e-EFKA, the Public Employment Service and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

1. So that e-EFKA will pay:

– 11.7 million euros for 550 beneficiaries after issuing one-time decisions.

– 11.7 million euros for 31,131 beneficiaries for cash benefits (maternity, pregnancy, illness, accidents, funeral expenses)

2. DYPA will make the following payments:

– 80 million euros for 230,000 beneficiaries to pay unemployment benefits and other benefits

– 6 million euros for 6,000 mothers for subsidized maternity leave

– 22 million euros for 6,500 beneficiaries under the subsidized driver programmes

It is reported that, as previously announced by DYPA, tomorrow, Monday, December 5, 2022, prepayment of regular unemployment benefit, long-term unemployment benefit and unemployment benefit for the self-employed, as well as prepayment of Christmas. Grant for the supported unemployed, beneficiaries of maternity special protection and beneficiaries of paternity leave benefits. The Public Employment Service will work allowance and Christmas gift credits automatically by direct deposit into the beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

Tomorrow, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will pay 198,096 euros for 394 workers whose contracts in an industry were suspended in November.

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